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Best Sushi in Downtown Las Vegas

Only two sushi restaurants are located on Fremont Street, downtown Las Vegas. They are Sushi Ichaniban and Red Asian Cuisine. While there is no shortage of places in Las Vegas to get sushi, downtown Las Vegas has a lot more options. While trying out all the restaurants that offer sushi in Las Vegas I was able to discover some hidden gems on Fremont Street.

Only two of the current sushi restaurants can be found on Fremont Street. However, there are a handful scattered around downtown Las Vegas’ Arts District. All of these are the top sushi restaurants in downtown Las Vegas. You can find both sushi restaurants in casinos along Fremont Street.

Best Sushi in Las Vegas on Fremont Street

Sushi Ichiban is inside El Cortez Casino. This is one of few all-you can-eat sushi restaurants located in Downtown Las Vegas. The AYCE menu is cheap, and includes plenty of sushi rolls as well as nigiri.

Sushi Ichiban offers many delicious appetizers including edamame and pork belly as well as oysters calamari tempura. You can order takeout upon request but you cannot order everything-you-can to-go.

Best Sushi Downtown Las Vegas

There are several other restaurants that offer sushi in Downtown Las Vegas if you don’t mind venturing off Fremont Street. The Pepper Club and YU-OR-MI Sushi Bar are the most well-known. Sushiro is also a popular choice.

Sushiro, a less-known spot for sushi is located a little north of Fremont Street. This sushi restaurant offers great all-you can-eat food. Sushiro offers more options than any of the AYCE restaurants in Las Vegas’ Chinatown District.

There are many options for appetizers, soups and salads. You can choose from classic, specialty, crunchy, baked, burrito, cuban, or deep-fried sushi rolls. A cheap lunch deal is also available, which runs every day.

Sushi Bar in Vegas

YUOR-MI Sushi Bar is located in downtown Las Vegas’ Arts District, between Fremont Street Experience and Strat. The menu includes traditional and special sushi, as well as sashimi, sushi, and nigiri.

Snapper, King crab, Albacore, Lobster, and Scallops are just a few of the many sushi ingredients. There are also a few main options, such as lamb chops or chicken teriyaki. You can order delivery, takeout or dine-in at YUOR-MI Sushi Bar.

Although it is difficult to decide between them, Sushi Ichiban is easier because it’s right on Fremont Street. Sushi Ichiban has received slightly higher reviews on the internet.