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Things to do on Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas

If you are tired of all the glamour and glitz of Las Vegas Strip, then head to Downtown Las Vegas. All of the listed attractions were actually seen by me, so I only selected the best. Any attraction that did not live up to its hype was removed from the list. These are the top things you can do in Downtown Las Vegas.

What to do on Fremont Street

Vegas will have so many things going that you might consider skipping Downtown. Well, don’t. it’s the heart of Las Vegas and the historical center of the city that gave rise to the idea of the “Sin City”. You won’t be able to rest at night because there’s so many things happening in DTLV.

Although I have been to Las Vegas many times, I never made it downtown. It turned out that this was a huge mistake. You can find a lot of activities Downtown on Fremont Street. The best part is that most attractions are completely free.

The most interesting part of Las Vegas is Downtown. It’s not possible to fly above a street in a US city on a zipline. Downtown Vegas offers something different. There are many other attractions in Downtown Vegas, including casinos and shopping malls made from shipping containers. The neon light blazes of neon lights make DTLV’s nights lively. You will need shades to avoid glaring at them.

You might be surprised at what you discover in DTLV. But whatever your plans, these are the best Downtown Las Vegas activities. These are Sin City must-sees. It is impossible to visit Las Vegas without visiting Downtown Las Vegas. This historic area is just a short drive from Las Vegas Strip and well worth a visit.

Free Things to do in Downtown Las Vegas

Our recent Las Vegas trip included a visit to downtown. Recently, Zappos, a popular online shoe retailer, has moved out of the suburbs, making Downtown Las Vegas an attractive destination for tourists and locals alike.

Container Park is an open air shopping mall made with shipping containers. You will find a variety of restaurants, boutiques, and other local businesses.We started a Downtown Las Vegas Food Tour to get off the ground. The tour gave us an overview of Downtown Las Vegas, starting at Fremont Street Experience and finishing at Downtown Container Park.

The Downtown Container Park is unlike anything else. It is entirely made up of recycled shipping containers in various sizes, which are attached to and stacked with shops and restaurants.